Apéro Entrepreneurs #11 at Baranis (Chancery Lane) from 7pm – 04/08/2011


Hello Apéro entrepreneurs,


For those of you who will be working in August and are suffering from the warm weather in London, Frog Valley is organising the Apéro Entrepreneurs to relax for an evening. For the occasion, we are back at Baranis, a very nice Provencal bar in Chancery Lane.


Clément, from Ricard UK, will sponsor the evening and will provide some drinks for you so that you are not thirsty and enjoy the evening.


Also, we will bring the camcorder to ask you a few questions about your business and we will post the video on Frog Valley.


For those of you who don’t know where Baranis is located, see the map below:


Hope to see you all and don’t hesitate to bring your entrepreneurial friends with you.


The Apéro Entrepreneurs team in London.


Any questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know by replying to this email.

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