Apéro Entrepreneurs #15 – Special Communication and Marketing

Hello Apéro Entrepreneurs,


Time flies, it is already the moment to announce the next Apéro Entrepreneurs, edition number 15.


We wanted to thank everyone who came to the last Apéro Entrepreneurs – new “formula” – and those of you who took the time to reply to our 2-minute survey. It will help us to improve the concept.


The next Apéro Entrepreneurs will include a special Communication and Marketing workshop to help entrepreneurs pitching their services and/or products and how to market themselves better in different situations. Jeanne Monchovet from Olystix, who has lived and worked in the UK for 15 years, will be providing the workshop. Jeanne has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and executives to build and deliver powerful messages.


We will select the first 5 entrepreneurs who shown their interest for the one-to-one workshop. To do so, send us an email at this address: loic@frogvalley.net


Event details:
Bluu (Basement)
1 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU



Nearest tube station: Old Street (Northern line), Shoreditch High Street (Overground)


How to register
You can register by email: loic at frogvalley.net, Facebook, LinkedIn or on www.aperoentrepreneurs.com by selecting « Londres » in the list of cities to receive the newsletter.


Hope to see you all and don’t hesitate to bring your entrepreneurial friends with you.


The Apéro Entrepreneurs team in London.


Any questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know by sending us an email at loic at frogvalley.net


Few words on Olystix:

Our daily business dealings revolve around communication and collaboration. As entrepreneurs or managers, we probably spend more than two-third of our time talking about our projects and trying to convince colleagues, partners, investors and clients.


This represents an enormous challenge. To succeed in an ultra-competitive market where people are drowning in a deluge of data, powerpoint presentations and meetings the winning solution is to pitch and present better than the rest.


Yet, what most people struggle to do is to think ‘what does the other person needs to hear and how can I put it together in a way that is meaningful and memorable’. This is where I come. I started Olystix to help senior professionals and entrepreneurs refine their core messages and enhance their ability to deliver them with impact. How does it work? I don’t do theories about theories. I focus on actions, on changing the way you communicate, both when presenting and listening. That involves sitting down with you to prepare for important meetings, pitch presentations, public speaking or even less informal talks. I review the format, content and delivery style.


As a result, you will increase your confidence level. You will learn how to differentiate your offer. You will learn how to think in your audience’s shoes, think of their business needs and the top questions they may have in mind. You will also gain in productivity by focusing on things that really matter.
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