Apéro Entrepreneurs #5

Hi All,

Two weeks after the last Apéro Entrepreneurs, it is time to think about the next one, in February, and we have some interesting things to announce.

First of all, we are happy to announce that the next Apéro Entrepreneurs will be sponsored by Ricard UK and we want to thank Clément Vialle on this occasion. They will be providing some drinks for you to taste.

Also, the Apéro Entrepreneurs will be at the French restaurant Le Montmartre on 144 Essex Road and Max will be providing some snacks and nibbles to eat with the drinks. We want to thank him as well and for people who want to have dinner at his restaurant, he will be proposing a good deal.

Link to the map for the restaurant

To get there, the nearest stations are Angel (Northern Line – bank branch) and the Essex Road railway station. From Angel station, you can take the bus 73 towards Seven sisters.

To be even more social, we have created several LinkedIn groups, one general for the Apéro Entrepreneurs and one for each city. We will also create an Event for the next Apéro Entrepreneurs.

If you haven’t done so, you can join the group for London at this page.

Finally, from the Apéro Entrepreneurs #4, and every month onwards, we’ll write an article about one of the entrepreneurs who attended the last Apéro. The first article will be devoted to Sylvain Deleu, a famous professional photographer!

We’ll be happy to know and write something about you !

We hope you’ll enjoy having an Apéro with us soon !

The Apéro Entrepreneurs team

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