Apéro entrepreneurs #9 at Baranis from 7pm – 09/06/2011

Hello apéro entrepreneurs,

Because if it is a bank holiday in France, the team in Paris has decided to change the date from the 2nd to the 9th of June to organise the next Apéro Entrepreneurs. So please, we don’t want anybody to blame us for not telling you in advance.

I want to thank Yohann, the manager of Baranis, who is kindly accepting to receive us for the 3rd time in his bar. Baranis is famous for having a « pétanque » lane in the bar, which will bring some entertainment to the evening and help to break the ice. I would also recommend you to have a look at the Baranis menu as there is a selection of delicious provençal food for you to taste.

The Leeg meets the Apéro Entrepreneurs…..

To make the event even better, The Leeg is also joining us for the occasion. For those of you who don’t know them, The Leeg is the hub for all expatriate entrepreneurs in or starting a business in the UK. That’s a very good occasion to see new faces at the apéro entrepreneurs.

Our sponsor will not be there this time but they will be back in July for a surprise.

You can register here.

The Apéro entrepreneurs’ team

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