Apéro Entrepreneurs London – 3rd of September at ‘eOffice’ Soho

Hello Apéro Entrepreneurs!

Hope you had all a pleasant summer and you feel refresh to move forward with your startup and other projects.

We are glad to announce that we found our new Headquarter. We will be hosting the coming Apéro Entrepreneurs at eOffice Soho. We have partnered with eOffice for some time so we are glad to continue this partnership by running the Apéro Entrepreneurs in their newly opened co-working space in the heart of Soho.

We hope you will like this venue as much as we do.

As it is a private venue, we are asking for a small contribution of £5 for the drinks and snacks. We will have a selection of wine and soft drinks, as well as nibbles.

Finally, the number of guests is limited at 40 so hurry up there won’t be tickets for everyone.

Hope to see you all very soon.

A bientôt!

Jean, William et Loïc

Apéro Entrepreneurs Team

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