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Next event: How to launch an ICO at Cass Business School on 16/01 from 7pm

Initial Coin Offerings (« ICOs ») have quickly grown to account for more startup funding in blockchain-based companies than all of Venture Capital. Nearly $3.5 billion has been raised to date in ICOs, with the large majority of that taking place in the second half of 2017.

ICOs are similar in some ways to a crowdfunding campaign, but instead of offering a copy of a product like on Kickstarter, or shares of equity in a startup like on Crowdfunder, what is being offered are digital “tokens.” This process of selling new cryptocurrency tokens in an ICO results in funding received via cryptocurrency, most commonly in Bitcoin or Ether.

During this event two companies – Globcoin and Gimmer will be presenting and offering you the opportunity to invest in their ICO’s.

Both the teams are highly experienced and have relevant industry experience.

Globcoin Crypto Platform
The Platform will enable the launch of customised currency baskets for a variety of uses. Currency baskets are portfolios of selected currencies with different weightings.

The Platform will provide flexibility to investors and allows them to express a view on a country or a group of currencies, or to hedge against the weakening of others.

Used by Central Banks, very few people would have access to the network necessary to construct such an offering themselves. No retail bank or broker currently offers such a basket.

Gimmer – The smart way to invest in digital currencies.
Gimmer is a community-based automated cryptocurrency trading platform where users share, learn and earn together. It’s easy-to-use and accessible to all types of customer.
Experienced traders can quickly set up advanced trading bots using the point and click interface. They can rent their trading strategies to others users via Gimmer’s Bot Store, generating an additional income while helping the community.
Novice users can choose from a range of ready-to-go trading bot solutions built by experienced traders. They can choose from pay-as-you-go or free solutions. There is no need for any previous trading experience or programming skills, making Gimmer perfect for anyone who wants to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

There will also be a short presentation on how to launch an ICO, if you are looking to launch your own ICO or even thinking about it, this event is useful for you.

Points to be discussed –
Cost of raising funds through an ICO
Size of the team
Roles in the team
Important platforms for marketing



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Tue 16 January 2018

19:00 – 21:30 BST


Cass Business School

106 Bunhill Row



Next event: How to create a great pitch deck at Wayra HQ on 15/08 from 7pm

What if you could take everything world-changing about your venture and boil it down to a handful of words and images – a bundle of ‘ahas’ – that you could pass along to people who could help you take your venture to the next level?

Hey all, we have again partnered with Wayra (Telefonica’s Accelerator) to present a talk on how to create a great pitch deck. 

So, you have been bootstrapping for last few months in order to build your amazing product. 

You have worked hard to get some early adopters on board and your users are happy to pay for your service. 

You have proven there is a need for your product in the market. 

Now….you need some money to go out and expand your team and scale your product. 

What do you do? Where do you go to find the money? 

Angel Investors, VC’s, Investment Funds are some of the available options. 

You need to create a set of documents to send to potential investors to get their attention and get them to invest time in meeting you.

You know investors are busy people and you don’t really get a second chance with them! 

The pressure is on, money is tight and time is ticking!

Join us at our event and learn steps on how to create an impressive pitch deck to help take your business to next level. 


Wayra – Common mistakes we see with pitch decks

Frog Valley

  • What is a pitch deck
  • Different types of decks
  • Fundraising process
  • Contents of the deck
  • Order of the deck

Joint Q & A



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Tue 15 August 2017

19:00 – 22:00 BST


Wayra HQ

20 Air Street