Meet 3 French Entrepreneurs in London

In partnership with the French Club and the Entrepreneurship Club of the London Business School, Frog Valley is organising a panel discussion with three French entrepreneurs who will be sharing their experience of setting up a business in London.

The event is on the 24th of may from 7pm to 8pm, followed by a networking session, at this address:

London Business School, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4SA – Room: LT2

If you want to register for the event, you can do it here:

Bio of the three entrepreneurs:

Jeremy Melul ( Jeremy is the product guy at Jogabo and he will not stop talking about the long term vision if you get him started. He loves to build stuff and get them just right through continuous improvements. He worked in innovation and technology consulting at Altran before realizing that life was too short for that and decided to join Grassroot Soccer, an NGO that uses the power of soccer in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Jeremy has been involved in soccer since he was 7 and has been organizing local pickups, managing school leagues and clubs in many different countries. He is also the founder of the European MBA tournament « The GreenLaces Cup ».








Grégory Vincent ( Gregory Vincent is a pioneer of microfinance, having set up Europe’s first crowdfunding website ( Launched in August 2010, Sponsume revolutionises the way film-makers and artists raise the funds they need to make their creative projects happen. Prior to launching Sponsume, Greg worked as an investment manager in London and as an assistant tutor at Oxford University.








Stéphanie Bouchet ( Stéphanie is a marketing connoisseur with 11 years of experience in world beating European start-ups, such as Skype as well as blue chip corporations, such as British Telecom and Warner Bros. Steph is also the founder of RougeFrog, a boutique marketing company designed to help start-ups and medium size businesses with their marketing and brand strategy and implementation, at international level.
She’s an active member of the European entrepreneurship scene, avid photographer, extreme rally, raid and traveler and marathon runner.

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Comparison between French and British businesses


One of the problems that French startups face, in comparison to their British counterparts, is their ability to develop and reach a critical size, notably to expand abroad. According to a study ‘Expand in Europe’ by Ernst & Young, realised in 2008 in collaboration with the business school ESCP-EAP (now ESCP Europe), the number of small companies in France is larger than in the UK (82,910 against 71,398 respectively).

So far, everything is fine as it shows that French entrepreneurial dynamics are healthy. It is, however, the number of medium-sized companies that constitutes the tricky point of the study. In 2008, the UK had more than 6,000 medium-sized companies (7.5% of all enterprises), while France had just above 3,400 medium-sized companies (3.9% of the total). This pattern is seen again with large and very large businesses; and it partly explains why France is missing 1 or 2 extra points of growth, which would allow France to catch up with the five largest country in term of GDP.

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Why this blog?

Why this blog?
First article, what’s more normal than explaining the reasons behind this blog. It starts from a simple fact, England and particularly London are made up of a large and growing population of French entrepreneurs. You only have to go to the different events and meetings to realise it. It is not unusual to meet French people hoping to or who have already created their own business. Nothing surprising when you know that London is the 6th French city in term of population. The French community renews itself continuously, just like a city with large universities. It therefore benefits of a great dynamism in the start-up community. London is also very multicultural, which gives this unique character to the England’s capital.

Why this name?
Nothing original, this website puts French startups located in London (and the UK as a whole) forward – mainly in the technology sector and the Internet. The term Valley is obvious; it is a reference to the « Old Street Valley » which is the equivalent – relatively speaking – of the Silicon Valley in Northern California. The area of East London, consisting of Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Hoxton and Hackney, contains a large quantity of innovative start-ups.