Looking for internship: Sophie Mordret

Please, if you hear about a company looking for an intern in logistic, do not hesitate to contact Sophie, where an internship offered to her has been withdrawn at the last moment


I am Sophie Mordret, I am studying logistic in the Master 1 of management at the professional school (IUP) of Clermont Ferrand  I am looking for an internship, I could begin a work placement from the 2nd April 2012. It should last at least four months until the end of July 2012. I am really interested in logistic and more particularly in the management of stock or in buying management. I would like to get some experience to act up to my studies and to support a company in its work load.


Please find attached my curriculum vitae to have more details about my last experiences. If you need more information about me or that I send you a cover letter, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or by email.







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Julien Prenot: Looking for an internship

See below in a few lines the profile (and covering letter) of Julien Prenot, who is looking for an internship in London:


« Dear Sir or Madam,


My name is Julien Prenot, I’m 21 years old. After my DUT marketing and sales techniques, I achieved a third year of undergraduate Entrepreneurship in Bordeaux  to learn how to build my business that I wish to strongly implement on in London. To validate my license, I have an internship for graduation.


My goal is to achieve a French company located in London, so I must understand the English economic environment much better.


This internship lasts 2months or 16 weeks, between April and early July 2012. I worked in London for one month (you will see when reading my CV), which allows me to remain autonomous in regard to the rest (finding housing, to move, etc.)…


I would really appreciate the chance to achieve this internship in your company and I know that it will prove to be a real asset during the installation of my future business.


Yours faithfully »


Florence Daucé – Marketing and International Development

Recently graduated with the honours from the Master’s Degree in Applied Languages and International Affairs of the University of La Rochelle, France, I am currently looking for a job in international cooperation with a special interest in developping business exchanges between France and United Kingdom.

Thanks to my university training, I have a solid background in economics, marketing, geopolitics and international affairs and I am fluent in English and Spanish. My experiences as a communications and marketing intern at The French Institute of Madrid for 3 months and as a marketing assistant in a language travel agency in Barcelona allowed me to develop solid aptitudes in customers service and editorial tasks. Thanks to my multidisciplinary training and my natural energy, I proved to be a quick, adaptable learner. In fact, I am able to manage different tasks under several projects at the same time.Deeply interested in the British culture in general, I would love offering my skills to a dynamic company and to share my knowledge of the French language, culture and economy.


Florence Daucé CV_english