Discover a different London with London Incognito

Frequent travellers or first time visitors to London, London Incognito will allow you to enjoy the British capital in a different way with original walks and activities, all thought up by Julie « globe-trotter » who finally decided to settle down in London. She has been discovering secret places and other unusual museums of the British capital and the idea came to her to share these places with occasional visitors in London by adding her personal touch.

London Incognito is proposing various packages, all very original in their themes. If you have ever wanted to experience being in the shoes of either a detective or an artist, Julie has thought about you, with wonderful routes and a selection of her favourite addresses. Still not satisfied with the offer, Julie can also work with you on a « à la carte » trip according to the length of your trip and your choice of activities. These excursions can also be a good idea for a present and it will be a pleasure for Julie to prepare for you the perfect visit that matches your taste and character.

Mission accomplished: Proposing an offer different from other travel agencies or guides because people are looking for something more personal when they travel. Another advantage, London incognito saves you time and you can go on holiday more relaxed. This original concept is also recognised in the design of the website – created also by Julie – which is both very artistic and modern.

Frog Valley is not the only website interested in London Incognito. London Incognito has been the subject of an article in « le petit journal« , which is a magazine for French expatriates and French-speaking people abroad. Given the success that Julie got, in particular on blogs, we definitely haven’t stopped hearing from London Incognito from both sides of The Channel.

And if you want to keep in touch with Julie and London Incognito, you can to do it by joining the Facebook group where she will share with you her latest tips on London or simply by emailing this address: contact at To conclude, the services provided by London incognito are also open to groups, workers’ councils and professionals who can benefit from reduced prices.

We wish you a pleasant visit full of surprises.

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