Another successful Pitch My Wallet event with 4 strong startups pitches in front of a 5 members jury

On 20th April 2017 at Runway East Shoreditch, Frog Valley hosted Pitch My Wallet #3, another very successful pitching event with 4 start-ups pitching in front of 5 jury members.

We had a fantastic panel of investors forming our jury:  

The first startup presenting to the panel was Okappy:

Co-Founded in 2015 by Richard Harris and Gerry So, Okappy is a new collaborative platform for everyday job management, a tool that applies social working technologies to help companies communicating and collaborating with colleagues and subcontractors. Richard and Gerry came up with this idea after noticing that in the UK, many industries suffer from broken communication, for instance, the electrical contracting and housing maintenance industry alone suffered costs of over £4bn as a result of missed jobs, late invoice or disputes.

Okappy is targeting niche sectors (electrical contractors, drainage companies) directly via their website, app stores and through PR with various trade magazines and associations.  Okappy has a subscription based model.

Richard and Gerry were asking for £500K to invest mostly in their product development, sales and marketing capabilities. Their projection showed the aim of reaching series A by 2020.

The second start-up was Smartplant:

Founded in 2016 by Bert Wahlen, Smartplant is a smart app for plant keepers.

The gardening market represents $191.2bn globally and is made for people who are seeking help looking after plants.

Smartplant offers 70 experts in 7 different countries, a care calendar, plant identification tool, and garden profile tool that will profile information such as when to fertilise?, does it needs sun or shade?, how much water is needed?, temperature? and many more.

Smartplant already had over 215.000 downloads, 110,000 basic members, and over 1,500 subscribers.  Smartplant were asking for £300.000 seed round of funding.

The third company was Cumulus Energy Storage:

Created in 2012 by Nick Kitchin, CEO, Cumulus Energy Storage (CES) aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of grid-level energy storage batteries with the lowest levelled cost of energy globally. Large scale storage is an essential part of the future of energy. Electricity super-storage is needed to give industry the freedom of instantly available renewable electricity. CES has taken the bold and visionary step of combining a 200 year old technology from one industry, with technology from two other industrial-scale processes, to create a disruptive opportunity – electricity super-storage – using patent granted technology in the form of a low-cost grid-scale rechargeable Copper/Zinc battery.

CES were asking for £4m Series A (part B) round of funding for Q2 2017 to develop the 1MWh/month pilot line Q1 2018. and would be looking for £25m series B round of funding in Q2 2018 to develop 500MWh-1GWh/year full production Q4 2018 / Q1 2019.

The fourth start-up was HubBox:

Created in 2015 by Sam Jarvis. HubBox is a technology company solving the problem of missed deliveries. HubBox offers a parcel Click and Collect solution that can be used with any online retailer worldwide. a nationwide network of Collect Points, based in pharmacies, dry cleaners and local shops, which allow consumers to buy from any online retailer and collect everything from one convenient place. For the consumer, they offer hassle-free parcel collection. For the Collect Point, they offer a new stream of revenue and added footfall to their business.

HubBox also gives online retailers a Click and Collect delivery option. They have built a suite of plug-ins allowing online retailers to offer local HubBox Collect Points to their customers. They are making this software available to retailers who are using the leading e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce. Between them, these platforms host over 700,000 online shops. The market is huge: 1.9m parcels to be shipped in 2017. In the UK, E-commerce is project to be worth £236m by 2020.

HubBox was asking for £750.000 on a circa £3m valuation to invest in:

  • The Payzone partnership to reach 5,000 locations.
  • 4* new resources across sales, tech and ops.
  • A returns solution
  • Building out compatibility across additional e-commerce platforms I.e. demandware.

Frog Valley’s next Pitching event will be held on the 27th of June for a special edition. If you are interested in pitching, please send us a link to your pitch deck and full details, at, so that we can start the screening process as soon as possible. You can RSVP HERE.

Before this pitching event, a speakers’ forum event will be held on June 1st on the theme “women’s entrepreneurial journey in the London Tech scene”. All the Frog Valley team is looking forward to welcoming you then!

Event Partner

Frog Valley is proud to start a new partnership with Runway East for the organisation of some of our events.

Runway East is a great support for our events by providing a fantastic venue, perfect for all types of events and supporting staff to welcome our audience.

Runway East provides environments, designed to foster creativity, productivity and connectivity, 24/7, 365 days a year. From in office putting greens to barista made coffee and nap pods, their workspace is designed for the needs of high growth companies; from champagne celebrations to 6am sprints.

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