Top quality pitches from 5 very promising startups. You should definitely hear from them pretty soon if not already!

Frog Valley, Tuesday 27th June 17: Our Partner Wayra hosted our Fourth Pitch My Wallet event in their beautiful office located near Piccadilly Circus. Over 100 people joined us to watch 5 startups presenting in front of a panel of 5 VCs.

In the panel were investors from Oxford Capital,  Ascension VenturesForward PartnersMustard Seed, and one « secret » investor from the investment arm of a large technology company.

The first start-up to pitch was ANDi Games by Ben Woolf, co-founder and CEO: ANDI is a “match app” between mobile games developer and mobile games user. Their vision is to change the way people find, play and share mobile games. They want to disrupt the mobile gaming industry, including third party ad networks, with it’s personalised recommendation system that treats each user as an individual, catering the support given based on user preferences. In addition, ANDI aims is to support mobile games developers by offering a cost effective approach of getting their games in front of genuine users that will be highly engaged. In January 2017, ANDI launched their pilot product. So far to date they have attracted over 5,000 users to the app, collecting over 50,000 swipes on their Tinder for games style Discovery feature, which has resulted in over 20,000 games being downloaded via ANDi. Further analysis of initial data gathered shows that users were able to be matched with a game they’d want to play in less than 60 seconds. Additionally games downloaded via ANDi are being kept up to 25% longer than those via the Google Play Store.

The second start-up pitching was Emoquo by Abigail Rappoport, CEO.

Emoquo is a cloud based, digital coaching and people analytics platform for everyone at work. Emoquo has been created with the view to keep people engaged and motivated at work. People who are disengaged at work show significantly higher level of absenteeism, staff turnover, stress and less productivity.

Emoquo offers access to qualified coaches (via the digital platform) who help with:

For the individual: engaging, practical, real and relevant emotional intelligence guidance to help people deal with everyday, personal workplace challenges more positively.

For organisations: Behavioural insights to drive positive cultural change, increasing employee engagement and ultimately profitability and productivity for the organisation.

The third start-up to pitch was IOCOM by Alan Lowe, CEO. IOCOM creates visual communication software and designs videoconferencing and collaboration solutions that break down barriers of communication through ease-of use, performance and secured technology. IOCOM work across any devices. I

The fourth start-up to pitch was Orbitil by Graham Pink, CEO: Their vision is to give business leaders deeper insights and fine control of their business, to hone performance and achieve their aspirations faster.

They accomplish this through innovative utilisation of Big Data in their flagship product, xOrb:

  • Provides clarity on company resource capacity, skills, strategic and tactical gaps
  • Offers economic valuation for product, project and process choices
  • Aligns sales pipelines and development processes
  • Reveals novel actionable insights
  • Blends qualitative and quantitative risk management

Using add-on modules that adopt machine learning to augment the decision making process across a range of corporate functions.

The fifth start-up pitching was RotaGeek by Chris McCullough, CEO, an online employee scheduling software for businesses. Easily create schedules and send emails and text alerts to all employees. Chris worked for 16 years for the NHS and thought of a system that could facilitate and improve the efficiency of staff management. The system he has created enables employers and employees to create better staff rotas. In their most simple form, they allow large businesses to move away from organising staff shifts on paper and spreadsheets and schedule on a digital platform.

Frog Valley would to thank everyone who contributed to this event as well as everyone who came on the evening. We hope to see you at our next event (Date to be confirmed very soon)