Offers from partners

Frog Valley is glad to introduce special offers from our partners dedicated to the members of our growing community.

Left Productions – 5% discount on a presentation video

Left Productions make quirky ads that generate sales. They create, produce, A/B test and distribute video ads and TV commercials for innovative & tech companies.

They created a service dedicated to presentation videos called the Right Video, by Left Productions: choose between 5 different formats online, prices are public and we produce it in 2 weeks! If you need to show how your software works, explain your idea or if you need a short facebook ad, it’s the place to go. FrogValley’s members and friends get a 5% discounts.

Here are some examples of videos you could get:

Presentation with an actor

A quick Facebook ad

Euro Accounting Ltd is an accounting firm based in the United Kingdom which offers a wide range of services. We offer a complete range of accounting, taxation and advisory services to clients who demand outstanding services. We are specialized in international accountancy and we collaborate with a diversified customer based such as trading companies, artisans, merchants and small business poised to grow or self-employed. We especially dedicate ourselves to help young entrepreneurs to create their own company.

Euro Accounting is offering to set up accountancy and social training to all Frog Valley members.

Don’t hesitate to contact Shabir and his friendly, professional team to claim the offer and get advice for your business.