The Europas : a self-rewarding event

We would like to thank Julien for this slightly controversial article.

The Europas TechCrunch event took place at The Paramount, an amazing venue at the top of one of the tallest London building… but also one of the ugliest: Centre Point.

The venue quickly filled with startups representatives and venerable socialites. It was all about drinks, infinite view and loud music (not really convenient for networking).

As the crowd shifted near the stage, Mike Butcher started his pitch, displaying his usual and inspiring vision of the European tech industry: we are all in the boat to define our own destiny, away from the Californian paradigm. He emphasised the need for politics to be more active in backing up start ups (this guy knows how to speak to his audience), before launching the awards at the speed of light….24 awards in an hour!

You will see the winners below. The votes were around 33,000 (how many where dedicated to the TechCrunch causes?).

What was noticeable:
Reshma Sohoni was quite ballistic against the people who think that Europeans don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit…that’s damn right Europe entrepreneurs Rock!
– The guys from Index Ventures were not there, what a shame nobody came to pick up the prize.
– The Angel investor Stephan Glazer received big cheers from the crowd, what a star!
– No surprise TweetDeck got the award for the best platform.
MoshiMonster had a lot of fans among the attendees.
– Of course Betfair got the award for the best exit. Everyone wished they had got such an IPO.
– A bit sad that GoCarShare and Shutl l didn’t get any awards.
– Finally, SeedCamp ended the session under a torrent of applauds.

The evening ended well and the networking was ferocious.

Next post to come for LeWEB in Paris…can’t wait to get there!

Link to the photos from Stéphanie Bouchet of RougeFrog

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