Tuesday was SeedCamp London

What is SeedCamp?
SeedCamp is an opportunity for startups to get feedback on their products/strategies, get in touch with the funding community and get a £50k investment to push their ideas further.

In order for a company to be invited for a SeedCamp event, you have to apply and present your team/technology to the selection committee.
20 teams were selected for this London event, coming from all over Europe.
You can find the full list and details over here.
Companies are judged during the whole event by mentors.
Mentors are selected amongst top notch EU Technologists, Investors, Product Managers and Marketing experts.

Discussing with the teams, here are what they were looking to get our of SeedCamp:
– Product strategy
– Go To Market strategy
– Network
– Growing teams

Morning was dedicated to pitches.
Startups were given 5 minutes to present their product/concept.
Most of the pitches were of high quality, some with an exceptional high intensity.

Eldar Tuvey shared the story of his company ScanSafe, recently acquired by Cisco.
A 10 years journey filled with ups and downs, scaling and re-scaling, but with a strong core team, able to evolve their product with the market.

Afternoon was focused on workshops with Mentors.
I followed MinuteBox as they had been participating in an evening conversation at #LeStudio52.
A good opportunity to share my Mentor skills with others.
The format was pretty simple:
– Teams at their table
– Groups of Mentors spending 45mins and rotating between teams.
The groups were made based on the Mentors’ expertise.

The pace was pretty intense and the feedback quite valuable.
I can’t go into details, but most of the teams were definitely given a lot of food for thoughts.
Validation, challenges and more.

Event ended up with a quick round up of the teams and their feeling about the day.
We then headed to the pub to unwind.

Thanks to SeedCamp for inviting FrogValley.
Looking forward to participate to that event in the future, either as a Team or a Mentor!

PS: Thanks to Julien from LeStudio52 for covering the event and writing this article.

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